Advertising Terms Of Service Agreement

Actuate Communications Ltd Bus Shelter Advertising Agreement

Advertiser acknowledges the reservation of the specified display panel(s) for their exclusive use. The selection of the number of ad panels and the duration (in months) for the campaign will be decided upon subscription.


a. The Advertiser agrees to the subscription model which calculates fees based on the number of ad panels and the selected term duration. Exact fees are indicated upon checkout.

b. The initial subscription fee and subsequent monthly charges are non-refundable.

c. Design and print costs are separate and are to be facilitated through Actuate Print Ltd.


a. Should the Advertiser delay payment beyond 30 days from the invoice date, a finance charge of 1.5% per month (equivalent to 19.6% annually, compounded monthly) will apply until settled. All payments first address interest, then the principal.

b. If after forty-five (45) days the due amounts remain unpaid:

i. Actuate Communications Ltd reserves the right to relinquish the Advertiser's rights under this contract and make the display panel(s) available for resale.

ii. The Advertiser remains liable for the contracted advertising fees until the contract end date.

c. If the Company defaults, the Owner personally commits to settling any outstanding balances.


a. Actuate Communications Ltd disclaims responsibility for delays or failures in performance resulting from fire, governmental constraints, strikes, lockouts, acts of God, or uncontrollable events.

b. The Company is not liable for damages to the Advertiser's artwork caused by environmental factors or events beyond its control.


a. Artwork design rests solely with the Advertiser.

b. All shelter ad prints are to be acquired from Actuate Print Ltd, Squamish BC. Upon finalizing the advertising order, the Advertiser will be redirected to the ad print order page at Actuate Print Ltd.

c. Actuate Communications Ltd retains the right to reject artwork deemed in poor taste or objectionable.

d. Losses incurred due to municipality intervention regarding artwork appropriateness are not the Company's responsibility.


a. Advertisers must notify Actuate Communications Ltd a minimum of 30 days before any artwork modifications to facilitate installation scheduling.


a. This agreement is binding upon the heirs, successors, personal representatives, and/or assigns of both parties.

b. Monthly subscriptions automatically transition to a month-to-month basis post the initial term completion. Cancellation requires a 30-day notice before the term ends or anytime during the month-to-month phase.

c. Cancellations prior to term completion are typically non-permissible. Exceptions for extenuating circumstances are at the Company's discretion.

d. Cancellation fees: Should cancellation be granted, the Advertiser owes the next full month's fee (excluding any recent payments) + the differential amount between the discounted rate and full rate for the number of months already utilized.

e. Agreement transfer to third parties requires Actuate Communications Ltd's prior approval.


Actuate Communications Ltd is bound only by the stipulations, representations, or agreements embodied within this contract.

By subscribing to the Transit Shelter Advertising service with Actuate Communications Ltd, the Advertiser confirms understanding and acceptance of the herein set terms and conditions. Participation is contingent upon full acceptance of these terms.


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